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Richmond Hill Creative Eye and Beaded Arts

About the Richmond Hill Creative Eye
A non profit beading group

Bead Strung Bracelet by Trudy Maresch The Richmond Hill Creative Eye was created for the sole purpose of providing a social gathering of people who share a love of the various forms of art including, but not limited to, jewellery making (beading, stringing, weaving, wire work, chain maille and more. We also knit, crochet, quilt and share our experiences in painting home DIY, etc. A small group of women got together to form the Creative Eye in the summer of 2012. Our monthly meetings (called meet-ups) are held each month on the 2nd Tuesday.

We bring projects we are working on and help each other with any difficulties, questions, improvments to skills and creative ideas and techniques. We also allow workshop attendees to bring in any unfinished workshop item to obtain help finishing it. Our meet-ups become the epicentre from which we draw strength through support and positive feedback from one another.

There is always something beautiful and inspiring "brewing" at our monthly meet-up. We invite you to join us to see these wonderful works of art and exchange ideas, stories and adventures. There is no charge to attend any of our meetings and membership is free.

If you are interested in more information or would like to attend one of our monthly meet-ups, please contact us.

Richmond Hill Creative Eye  

Creative "Night Out" Meet-Up

New Members Welcome!

Join us for a fun and relaxing evening of engaging conversation and other light-hearted activities promoting friendship, team building and to inspire your creative energies. Our aim is to promote growth in beading and jewellery making skills, friendships, and a sense of community.

Show off your works of art. Or, bring in something you are working on including an unfinished workshop project. Have a question? We would love to help. It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do to boost confidence and creativity.

There is no "drop-in" charge to attend a monthly meet-up. You can, however, purchase a membership and use your card to received fabulous discounts from various beading stores throughout the GTA, download workshops, beading tips, store locations, and more. We thank Merry Maids of Richmond Hill for their continued support of our group.

Meetings are held in Richmond Hill on the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted on this page.

Beaded Jewellery from Richmond Hill Creative Eye MEET-UP INFORMATION:

Tuesday, November 13th 2018

5:30 to 8:00pm (ish)

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